Vehicle Armoring

Armored protection against hostile environments

Today’s world can at times be a dangerous environment for corporate executives, high net-worth individuals and others whose stature requires a level of protection surpassing the capabilities of ordinary vehicles.

Royale can modify vehicles to meet these protection needs, with armoring up to a B5/VPAM level (resistant to a 7.62 x39mm AK-47 round traveling at 720 meters per sec.). Although any vehicle can be armored, Royale recommends an SUV as a base platform capable of supporting the weight of ballistic steel, dual-ram bumpers, blast-resistant floorpan, run-flat tires, reinforced hinges and door pillars, and heavy-duty suspension, among other options. If desired, armored vehicles may also include Mobile Office capabilities.

Royale begins the process by consulting closely with the client regarding the intended use and level of anticipated threat. We then proceed to develop a specification set for the client’s approval prior to vehicle build. Pre-approval may be required on every detail including dimensions, floor plan and 3D rendering, as well as material samples and the detailed specification list.

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